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i hrvatskom jeziku. Bavimo se sličnostima i razlikama u njihovom usvajanju i adaptaciji na jezičke

taxation with no illustration). Person rights and social justice ought to be Improved and placed strictly under the jurisdiction of the European establishments. The ecu Court docket of Justice really should be set from the situation which the Supreme Court docket has in United states. Though a lot of inside the Union could be towards this last proposal, it may be argued that justice is common and the follow of your ECJ thus far displays it to get by far the most honest and impartial establishment on the EU as well as the most prosperous just one. As a result, to become against this idea is actually an attempt to protect the power of the national governments, rather than to protect the pursuits of its citizens. Europe suffers from a democratic deficit and its vibrant populace doesn't see by itself as currently being closely associated with it. If the European Union can take to the job of shielding human rights, individual independence and social justice around the continent in general it will position itself being a protector in the smaller individuals, a protector that is distant, but whose hand reaches much. Aedictus Antoniana of 212 A.D. gave the appropriate of citizenship to all peoples from the Roman Empire (other than Those people named peregrini deditici), and verified what was already a fact. In the situation of the ecu Union, prevalent citizenship will have to not be just a affirmation but a action in direction of improving European Identity and closer ties concerning the person and also the Union.

stvo organizacije i odre

13 Tomislav Longinoviã, "Blood and music at the end of Yugoslavia", Songs and also the racial creativeness, The College of Chicago Push, Chicago and London, 2000, 640. 14 Ili sa wima egzistira u neestetskom sadejstvu. 15 Posebno u slu~aju prerade/upotrebe citata neke popularne pesme, kada je odnos melodija "kopije" i "originala" skoro, ili u potpunosti, identi~an. sixteen ^iwenica da su odre

Kant's notion of a tranquil federation of states has its origin during the pacifist considered Abbé de Saint Pierre and Emer de Vattel. Nonetheless Kant's notion of perpetual peace, delineated by means of six preliminary and three definite posts, has certainly exceeded all of its predecessors. In accordance with him, political philosophy ought to build the idea of your republic into a concept with the Intercontinental order of appropriate, plus the conception of the reformist enhancement of appropriate needs to be enriched Along with the dimension of the environment- historic politics of peace. Kant took political philosophy beyond the borders of states and saw its foremost object within a just buy of earth peace.

ena je na~inu na koji se sama bolest razvija, tj. irewu bolesti kroz entitet aerodroma na isti na~in na koji se bolest iri kroz qudski organizam.

mnjenje u Srbiji je bilo uznemireno. Pupin u Americi govori o pretnji koju Austro-Ugarska predstavlja. Ukoliko se Austrija umesa u rat, smatra Pupin, balkanski narodi ãe biti spremni da se sudare sa njom. Pupin apeluje na amerièki narod da shvati da je pravda na strani balkanskih saveznika. Na mirovnim pregovorima u Londonu, Austro-Ugarska je trazila garancije da ãe Srbija sa njom ziveti u miru, da se Srbija odrekne poseda u Albaniji i osiguranje trgovaèkih interesa Monarhije u Solunu. Po svaku cenu je pokusavala da spreèi izlazak Kraljevine Srbije na Jadransko extra i trudila se da je privredno veze za sebe. Pupin smatra da je ovakvo ponasanje nedopustivo i da predstavlja otvoreno gazenje neotuðivih prava balkanskih drzava. Kao veliki pobornik ideje o stvaranju zajednièke juznoslovenske drzave, on pise brojne èlanke o zajednièkom poreklu Juznih Slovena, jugoslovenskom pokretu i austrijskoj antinacionalnoj propagandi èiji je cilj bio gusenje jugoslovenskog pokreta koji je "slièan Garibaldijevom pokretu za ujedinjenje Italijana, Bizmarkovom za ujedinjenje Nemaca".two Ideja o juznoslovenskom zajednistvu se zaèela u Dubrovaèkoj republici u XVI veku. Ivan Gunduliã u epu Osman peva o minuloj slavi drzava Juznih Slovena, pesme Dalmatinca Andrije Kaèiãa Miosiãa velièaju jedinstvo ovih naroda. Napoleonovi ratovi su doveli do sloma Dubrovaèke republike. Sa padom Napoleona, Dubrovnik postaje deo Austro-Ugarske, tako da njegov duhovni uticaj na Juzne Slovene poèinje da jenjava.

not have Substantially to mention until eventually their mom and dad say so, several producers are focused on seasonal candies: Easter bunnies, Xmas chocolate figures, and Other folks like autumn chestnuts and mushrooms or spring chocolate bouquets. Certainly, in certain spirit of "celebration" men and women get points they Ordinarily would not. Not to neglect The great status of Swiss chocolate that nearly sells it with no Unique commercials, except for the new goods. About the community stage, Level of competition pretty much will not exist. Joined with each other in Chocosuisse, the producers' only purpose is to guard the national label, "Swiss" chocolate. Furthermore, they do not have to worry imported sweets, because most originate from Germany, wherever Swiss chocolate producers have subsidiaries or obtained factories. All around 20% of chocolate on the Swiss market is imported, with 7% coming from Germany.sixteen The affect of imported chocolate is diminished right after examining the situation with the Swiss companies on the worldwide scale. From the 1920's, Switzerland produced fifty five% of the planet's chocolate and exported 75% of it.seventeen These days its placement isn't the same. The players and The foundations have transformed and these percentages usually are not whatever more info they was once, However they still Use a sort of monopoly over this marketplace.

a", ef medicinskog centra Luk Komarovski odgovara: "Besnilo... Besnilo se doga

Više informacija možete dobiti ovdje. Nastavljanjem pregleda i korištenja aukcije.hr prihvaćate korištenje kolačića.

union and produce a continental federal government they must create and uphold a standard curiosity which can bind the different nations of Europe alongside one another. 3 essential Roman establishments could read more be in contrast with the present circumstance: the authorized procedure, financial system and protection. These are definitely the a few pillars that upheld the Roman Empire, but could also be the solution for Europe's foreseeable future challenges. A chance to connect all particular groups (via their Reps) in the Empire to the government managed to share the load of guarding the condition. At the outset the Senate (so vital which the flags of Roman legions bared the inscription SPQR- Senatus Populusque Romanus - The Senate as well as Roman People) was enriched by members of The most crucial families from the provinces, than people who led the Roman legions into battle came from those teams. In the 2nd century the emperors ended up no more of Roman (or Italic) stock. However these extremely individuals trapped Using the Empire to the very close, they'd sacrifice all the things for that Imperial Best. They would under no circumstances ignore exactly where they came from, but irrespective of their origin they might all be Romans (Quirit). To be Roman within the age in the Empire intended to generally be a Roman citizen. The legal rights and also the pleasure attributed to citizenship are well explained inside the travels of St. Paul. The Philippi episode is instructive. St. Paul and his companion Silas are mobbed, and the magistrates get them to get flogged. This really is what comes about following: But after they tied him up with the lash, Paul explained to the centurion who was standing there "Could you legally flog a person who is a Roman citizen, and Also has not been uncovered guilty?

Zakljuèna razmatranja Trenutno sve politièke opcije u nasoj zemlji podrzavaju priblizavanje Srbije i Crne Gore modernim zapadnoevropskim zemljama i usvajanje, u veãoj ili manjoj meri, sistema vrednosti koji je dominantan u tim zemljama i tim drustvima. A to je koncept graðanskog drustva, drustva u kome je ljudsko dostojanstvo aposlutno i neotuðivo pravo svakog graðanina. Ovo pravo se, u modernom graðanskom drustvu, stiti od strane drzave, putem angazovanja svih drzavnih institucija, medija, graðana itd. Autoritaran sistem rukovoðenja, koji se vodi maksimom da cilj opravdava sredstva, u jednom ovakvom drustvu apsolutno je nezamisliv i nepozeljan. Ne postoji, naravno, nikakva sumnja da iz prirode zadataka koje obavlja vojska, a koji neretko podrazumevaju delovanje u riziènim i opasnim uslovima, proizilazi sustinska potreba da se obezbedi rigorozna primena sistema subordinacije koja, u krajnjoj instanci, podrazumeva izvrsenje zadataka bez obzira na zrtve. Ove èinjenice postavljaju pred staresine Vojske èitav niz potpuno novih zahteva. Oni (staresine) ãe morati permanentno da rade na razvoju motivacije svih vojnika, posebno usmeravajuãi svoje delovanje na slabo motivisane i rezervisane, nezainteresovane a neretko veoma inteligentne mlade ljude, koji u procesu obuke treba da daju sve od sebe i osposobe se za odreðene duznosti u vojsci.

Nastanak kulture Kroz primer kompanije Dizni moglo je da se vidi kako zaposleni usvajaju kulturu koja ve postoji. Ali kako kultura nastaje? Kultura se oblikuje gradacijski, od filozofije osniva~a, kroz selekciju kriterijuma, preko aktivnosti prime menaxmenta do socijalizacije zaposlenih (S. Robbins, 1991). Osniva~ ima jak uticaj na formirawe kulture, svoju viziju i misiju kako organizacija treba da izgleda sprovodi pomo u brojnih mehanizama. Kod mladih kompanija i strukturiranih grupa, lider je taj koji oblikuje kulturu na osnovu mo i i autoriteta koji ima. On svoj formalni autoritet mo`e da koristi da nametne svoje stavove, vrednosti i verovawa. To ~ini daju i li~ni primer, pomo u planskih treninga zaposlenih, na~ina nagra

23 Brodska sredstva i tehnika, a naroèito ratna, izuzetno su skupa, a skupo je i samo njihovo odrzavanje. Zbog nedostatka more info novca, brodovi su prilièno zapusteni, iako posade èesto svojim liènim novcem kupuju potrepstine za odrzavanje broda, kao i neke rezervne delove. Sve to jako demotivisuãe utièe na posadu, sto posebno moze da bude eliminate u borbenim dejstvima broda. 24 Kod problema veza i protekcija, misli se pre svega na zloupotrebu poznanstava sa visokim oficirima, politièarima i slièno od strane mornara u cilju dobijanja mesta sluzbovanja sa sto manje zaduzenja i odgovornosti ili prekomande u neku drugu jedinicu. Ovo zna da veoma nepovoljno utièe na borbeni moral ostatka posade. Postoje, meðutim, i pozitivni aspekti ovog problema ­ na primer pri prekomandi jedrilièara na skolski brod "Jadran". Ali, i pored toga, oni negativni su daleko zastupljeniji. 25 Zataskavanje stvarnog stanja stvari, a pre svega stanja tehnike, posledica je pojave sto proizilazi iz kohezije brodskih kolektiva, koja je veãa nego u drugim vojnim kolektivima. Postoji ubeðenje da prijava loseg stanja podrazumeva, na neki naèin, izdaju kolektiva (broda). Ova pojava prisutna je i u drugim mornaricama: 36.6% ispitanika mornarice SAD (civilne i vojne) smatra da ih ostatak mornarice ne bi podrzao kada bi prijavili nekog zbog loseg rada, 38.nine% se ne slaze sa ovim stavom, a 24.five% je bilo neodluèno. Navy Personel Research and Enhancement Center, ,,The navy values comunity: 3 12 months traits", 1996.

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